Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reggie Declares for NBA Draft

Junior guard Reggie Jackson has declared for the NBA draft. Yeah, take a minute to swallow that one. However, Jackson will not hire an agent, which reserves the right for him to come back to BC.

This is not good news, but it may not be as bad as people think. There is a possibility that Reggie is just testing the waters. He could just want to find out where his stock is and where he could potentially be picked. I honestly don't think Reggie's stock is that high. He was an outstanding player this year, but was extremely inconsistent and disappeared at times. Another year in school could make him a lock for the first round and a potential lottery pick.

There is also the issue of the looming NBA CBA expiring. It almost seems certain that there will be a lockout next year, and if Reggie does get drafted, he could be spending next year on his couch. May 8th is the official deadline for players to withdraw their names. I'll have more posts in the coming days about Reggie and what this could mean for BC hoops. C'mon Reggie, one more year!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Atkinson & Hayes Sign

As you probably know by now, juniors Cam Atkinson and Jimmy Hayes have signed their NHL contracts and will effectively forgo their senior years at Boston College. Atkinson, who scored 31 goals and 21 assists this year, will be assigned to the Columbus Blue Jackets' AHL affiliate, the Springfield Falcons. Hayes tallied 21 goals and 12 assists for the Eagles will be playing for the Chicago Blackhawks AHL affiliate, the Rockford IceHogs.

While disappointed, I can't say I am surprised at both of these departures. Both of these guys are terrific players who are ready for the next level. But obviously this hurts next year's team. Along with Atkinson and Hayes, BC will lose seniors Brian Gibbons and Joe Whitney. Those guys are four of our top offensive threats and will not be easily replaced. The 2011-12 hockey team will have a lot of holes to fill. Let's hope we can keep Kreider.

But, like the BC folks on twitter keep pointing out, we still have Jerry York. Nuff said.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Skinner Fires Back

If you haven't already, I encourage you to read the Boston Globe article on Al Skinner. For the first time since his firing last year, Skinner broke his silence. I was a little puzzled by his comments, because I thought Al was the type of guy who would just let it go and say all the "right" things. Instead, Skinner showed some bitterness towards Gene and BC. Let me break down some of his comments:

"I look at my résumé and the success I had at BC, and I look at the résumé of some coaches who are in the tournament now, and I look at my résumé and I think it compares favorably."

Yes, Al, you do have a good resume. You've won a Big East title, you've won National Coach of the Year, and you've had success in the tournament, but college basketball is a 'what have you done for me lately' business. And quite frankly, your last few years at BC sucked.

“I ran a good program, I graduated my kids. Everybody has problems, but we addressed them and handled them in a matter that satisfied every one."

You did graduate your kids, Al. You did run a good program. Your kids represented BC well. But there are other coaches who can do that and win basketball games. And you weren't doing that.

"I put the program in a good place. I raised the program to the level where we were always in the hunt.’’
Al left the program in a better place than when he arrived. I don't think anyone can disagree with that. But were we always in the hunt? Were we in the hunt last year? How about the year before that? I don't know how you define "in the hunt," but in my mind, BC hasn't been in the hunt since the Dudley-Smith-Williams years.

“I know the potential we had. We would have had a dog in this fight, and that we don’t bothers me.’’
Really, Al? He and anyone who thinks that this team would have been better with him coaching is crazy. If anything, this team is less talented than last year. If anyone watched a BC game this year, the difference between Skinner and Donahue couldn't be clearer. This year's team played harder, executed better, and won more games. This team wouldn't have won 16 games with Skinner.

“I was the second-winningest coach at URI, the winningest coach at BC. Does that lend itself to someone who doesn’t work? If I can do all of that and not work, then you should hire me anyway.’’

Some fighting words here from Skinner. I think Al may have gotten a bad rap on his work ethic. I don't think he was working 24/7, but I don't think he was as lazy as some people made him out to be. I understand his frustration, but there are guys who work much harder than Al.

No one is discounting what Al Skinner did for BC basketball. Like I said, he left BC basketball in a better place than when he got there. He is the winningest coach in BC history, but at the end of the day, his flex offense and "diamond in the rough recruiting" was just not working any more. I think Al will find a job somewhere. Maybe not this year, but Al Skinner will be coaching again.

The Morning After

Now that we've had about 12 hours to reflect on this game, can we figure out what the hell happened last night? I couldn't believe what I was seeing last night. BC was just getting dominated in all phases of the game. I can't remember the last time I saw us get outworked and outplayed like that. It was something you never expect from BC. The basketball team, maybe, but the hockey team? No way.

Colorado College beat BC at their own game. They were flying around the ice, putting pucks on the net, and won all the battles on the boards. Like I said last night, BC just did not look mentally into it. I don't know why, but they did. Did BC overlook CC? Maybe so, but the Tiger also played a great game. Schwarz is a great player and their goalie made some tremendous stops.

Don't let this loss take anything away from what this team did this year and what these seniors have done in their 4 years at the Heights. If anything, this loss just shows how hard it is to sustain total dominance in a sport.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eagles Shocked in First Round

BC will not be defending their national championship. In fact, they will not even be making the trip to St. Paul for the Frozen Four. The top-seeded Eagles lost 7-4 to Colorado College in a major upset.

It looked like all was well when Jimmy Hayes netted a goal just 19 seconds in to put BC up 1-0. But from there, it was all CC. After Jordan Schultz netted a power-play goal, the Tigers scored the next three to go up 4-1 into the first intermission. Paul Carey tallied a goal to start the second period, but again CC responded with three more goals. The Eagles scored twice in the third, but it was too little too late.

It was obviously a frustrating night for BC fans. It was a shockingly uncharacteristic game. BC looked slow and mentally out of it. Everything that could have went wrong did go wrong. We gave up shorthanded goals, hit the post 3 times, were called for bad penalties, Muse had a bad night, and were robbed a few times by the CC goalie. This was one of the worst games I have seen BC play in a while. That being said, give credit to Colorado. BC ran into a solid team with a great player and a hot goaltender.

Tough way to see the seniors go out. Gibbons, Whitney and Muse have accomplished so many things. It is sad that this is the way they go out, because all they have done since they've been at the Heights is win. You definitely have to feel for Muse, who had one of his worst games tonight. It is not fair that this is the way they have to go out, but the NCAA Tournament can be cruel.

This is going to put a sour taste in our mouths for a while. We were one of the favorites to win it all and it comes to an abrupt end. I did not expect to be writing this kind of post tonight. But let's not forget how much we accomplished this year. This season was not a failure.

Here We Go!

First of all I'd like to apologize. I know I have been terrible with the blog lately (haven't posted since Saturday.) I've been pretty busy and just haven't had the energy to get up and write something.

But tonight is a big night. Tonight, the journey begins as Jerry York and the boys look to defend their title. BC takes on Colorado College tonight at 9 on ESPNU. We all know that BC got screwed going out to St. Louis, but it won't have an effect on how we play tonight.

There is really no reason to believe that BC can't win it all. This team may be better than last year's and have been rolling lately. However, it is a single-elimination tournament, and anything can happen. You never know. There will be some tough competition, but BC has to be on of, if not the favorite in this tournament

We've won every trophy this year, and there is only one more to go! Let's go Eagles!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Finished

There will be no trip to MSG for the Eagles. There will be no 2011 NIT Championship banner hanging in Conte next year. BC was dominated by Northwestern today. NU, a team with far less talent than we do, was pretty much doing layup lines and three point contests for 40 minutes. The effort BC showed was simply unacceptable. The defense was also god-awful, and I think those 2 go hand-in-hand.

I could go on and on about how bad it was, but I won't. It was a rough, rough way for the seniors to go out. I know it's tough to feel for them after their effort today, but seeing those camera shots of them on the bench at the end made me almost want to cry. I am going to miss guys like Biko, Raji, Cahill and Trap. These guys weren't necessarily the most talented, but we all got to watch them grow as basketball players and men. They are great young men and represented BC well. It is going to be tough not seeing these guys on the court next year.

I can't say I am too surprised at this result. I didn't really expect us to make it to New York just because that this team was too inconsistent and probably not motivated. That being said, this loss was troubling.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Questions

This one sort of snuck up on me here. Maybe it's because it seems like the season just ended, or maybe it's because we were so focused on basketball season that I almost forgot that spring practice started yesterday. I have a few questions that may or may not be answered in these 15 practices and here they are:

1) What will the offense look like with Rogers as OC?
This is the obvious one. After Gary Tranquill thankfully retired, BC went outside and hired Minnesota Vikings QB coach Kevin Rogers to be the new offensive coordinator. Most, if not all, fans are extremely pleased to see Tranq gone, and so am I. His pitiful play calling and conservative strategy was often embarrassing. So now with a new guy in town, how is the offense going to change? More specifically, what will Rettig look like in his second year? Chase's development will most likely be up to Rogers.

2) How is Montel's health?

Harris injured his knee in the Virginia game, which forced him to miss the regular season finale against 'Cuse, but looked like he would be able to return for the bowl game. However, Harris was scratched from the starting lineup and did not play a single snap in the game. Knee injuries are very serious, and could have lingering affects. Harris was held out of drills today after suffering from tendinitis in the knee. Let's hope he can get healthy and stay healthy.

3) How will freshman Albert Louis-Jean fare?

This kid is really intriguing to me. Arguably our biggest recruit in the 2011 class, the freshman enrolled early and is eligible for spring practice. ALJ will be playing field corner this year, and I think he has a good chance to be a starter. But he is just a freshman, and it is way to early to tell how he will play when September rolls around.

After all, it is Spring and we won't be able to tell much about the team from these 15 practices. We are still months away from the season, but it does get you kind of excited doesn't it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Eagles trounce McNeese St. in NIT first round

Not too much to say about this one.

-Good to see the guys come out motivated for this one. Often times, NCAA snubs come out uninspired and not focused and are early outs in the NIT. That doesn't look like the case for us. Donahue got his guys ready to play.
-After all, it was McNeese, so there isn't much to say about this one. However, I did like Reggie's performance, the offensive efficiency, and the defensive effort.
-Surprisingly, Josh Southern came to play. With 13 points, Southern had his first double digit scoring game since the January 15th game against Miami. I mean, this is his farewell tour.
-BC now moves on to play the winner of the Northwestern-Milwaukee matchup. And yes, that game will be at home.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bubble Thoughts

The day after selection Sunday. Here's are some of the comments by coaches and players who entered yesterday on the bubble. Some of whom made it in, and some of whom were left for the NIT.

“Just disappointed. You almost wonder if someone in that room has their own agenda and that agenda doesn’t include Virginia Tech. Just plain and simple. I totally wonder it, if someone in that room has an agenda. The explanation was so inconsistent with the result that it was almost mind-boggling." VT Coach Seth Greenberg

"Go to BCS. Go to something where there's a standardized number how you figure out who's in, who's not, because I know the way we're doing it now is, some teams can get a 65, 69 RPI and they're from a big conference, the (selection committee) will find a way to make an excuse to get them in."
St. Mary's Coach Randy Bennett

"I don't listen to those guys, they can put the numbers up that they want to put up, but you put every number up our numbers are better. Whatever personal issues they have, we're in and they can't vote us out. We're in." UAB Coach Mike Davis

"It's like getting an extra life in a video game. It's an awesome feeling."
VCU Guard Joey Rodriguez

"Shock and disbelief, and I’m sorry our players had to go through it, going into the day, going into the show, it didn't even enter my mind we weren't in. It was disbelief and shock -- not fun at all." Colorado coach Tad Boyle

"When I saw our logo, when I saw the ‘G’, I think they must have saw it too. They must have jumped around like 7 year olds that just one a Little League Championship."
Georgia coach Mark Fox.

"We got what we deserved. That's the bottom line, we've got to work harder, we've got to do things better."..."Unfortunately for the older guys, which is the majority of the guys, they don’t get that opportunity. That’s where my real disappointment lies, in Joe and Biko and Corey and Josh and all the seniors. I would hope that the other guys in the locker room and the future guys, we’re going to have to do a lot of things to get into the NCAA tournament. This isn’t just for a couple, if you’re a little bit better than everybody else. You’ve got to be exceptional." BC Coach Steve Donahue

"Woulda, coulda, shoulda, everybody does that. The good teams find a way." BC Forward Joe Trapani.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

BC is a Number 1 the NIT

I don't know how much you care, but we were chosen as a top seed in this year's NIT, also known as the Not Invited Tournament. The Eagles will open up the first round against 8th seed McNeese State. Yeah, don't know who they are either, but we will play them Tuesday night at 9 on the U. For some reason, we will be playing on the road. What the hell?

Thinking about it, I guess I will watch it. First of all, it will be a final chance to see our senior class in action. I'm happy they got to extend their college careers, even if not in the NCAAs. Also, say what you want about the NIT, but it would be pretty cool to see BC in MSG. It is the Mecca of College Basketball.

I'm not going to break down the field and what BC's chances are because quite frankly, who gives a damn? However, I wouldn't be surprised if it was an early exit for the Eagles. The top seeds hardly ever go far in this tournament just because there is almost no motivation. The disappointment of not making the Big Dance is too much to get up for the NIT.

No NCAA Tournament for BC

As you certainly know by now, BC did not receive an invitation to the NCAA Tournament this year. I can't say I am too surprised, but based on some of the teams that did get in, I am a little puzzled.

First, there are the two play-in games between the final four teams that make the dance. The first one features Clemson and UAB. This one was shocking to me. Clemson should have avoided the first-four matchups and there is no way UAB should be in. NO WAY! When you look at their resume, their biggest win is against VCU (I'll get to them later.) They were behind BC in almost all projected brackets. They have no business in the tournament. Then there is the next play-in game, pitting two very undeserving teams in USC and VCU. People talk about how BC had bad losses in their non-conference, well look at USC's losses early. Losing to Rider, Bradley, and TCU is probably worse than Harvard, Yale, and Rhode Island. They went 19-14 in a bad PAC-10 and non-conference schedule which they could barely handle. VCU, much like UAB, probably doesn't deserve a bid. They also were behind BC in most projections. While they had some quality wins, they finished 4th in the CAA. Let's be real, does the fourth best team in the CAA really deserve a bid?

Then their are the teams that made it in, and rather comfortably. Georgia, who most people had on the outside looking in, came away with a 10 seed. Michigan got a 9 seed. Penn St. got a 10 seed. I think that these teams probably deserve a bid, but the seed are questionable. For example. Utah St. was ranked number 17 in the country, and they get a 12 seed, while those bubble teams get those seeds.

I am by no means saying that BC deserves a bid. However, based on some of these decisions, I am really wondering what the committee was thinking. Putting UAB and VCU in was a disgrace. They weren't even in the conversation entering the day. Colorado and Virginia Tech got absolutely screwed. Colorado stepped up big time in their conference and had some terrific wins, no matter what they did in non-conference. Not that I feel bad for VT, but after their win against FSU, I thought they were a lock. They had some big wins and passed my eye test. BC definitely deserves to be in ahead VCU and UAB, but other snubs have more of an argument.

When you look at the profiles of VCU and UAB, and perhaps USC, there is no reason why they should be in. How are they ahead of VT, Colorado, BC, and even Harvard? They weren't even in the discussion. Jay Bilas just said that these selections "Don't even pass the laugh test." Can't disagree.

The NIT Selection show is on at 9 on ESPNU. BC is going to be a high seed. Probably a number 1. I still don't know if I will watch the NIT.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

If BC doesn't make the Tournament...

-It will be their own damn fault. Losses to Yale, Harvard, URI, and Miami have been a major stain on our resume. They also crapped their pants in blowout losses to UNC and Clemson. We had our oppurtunities to pick up wins, but missed them. Other teams, like Michigan St. and Colorado, did seize their oppurtunites. All BC has is to blame themselves.

I may not watch the NIT. Although I may have to. When you are this close to the tournament, the NIT isn't even a consolation. It is more like a slap in the face. Really, what is there to get excited about for the NIT? What are we going to say if we win? WE"RE NUMBER 69!! Um, no thanks.

There is still reason to be excited about the future. If (or when) we don't here our name called on Sunday night, everyone will be dissapointed, and for good reason. We are so close. But let's look back. At the beginning of the year, we were picked to finish 10th in the ACC. We weren't supposed be sniffing the NCAAs. What Donahue did with this team is remarkable. Yes, we will be losing a lot next year, but the future looks bright for BC hoops with Donahue in charge.

It will be extremely dissappointing. Like I said, we are so close. We are likely to be the first or second team left out. That is gonna sting. We will be left to look back at all the things that went wrong and wonder, what would've, could've, or should've happened.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rapid Reaction- Clemson pounds BC

I'll try to watch my language for this post.

-That flat out sucked. Offense sucked, defense sucked and effort sucked. In a game that could have made us a lock for the NCAA Tournament, we came out with a piss poor effort and embarrassed ourselves.
-Reggie was a no show today, and probably hurt us more than he helped us. His body language was awful, he turned the ball over 6 times, and couldn't knock down a shot. I expected Reggie to have a great game, as he has in the other big games this year. But instead, he layed an egg.
-With Reggie struggling, the offense was terrible. We couldn't knock down a shot, we turned the ball over, and there seemed to be no urgency out there.
-The most troubling part of this game was the effort. With an NCAA bid on the line, you would think the guys would come out hungry, like they had for the last 4 games. However, during the game the guys seemed disinterested and about 5 minutes into the second half, they quit. That inexplicable.
-As for our tourney hopes, I said before the game that the loser still has a chance to dance. After what just went down, I'm not so sure. The way we lost was embarrassing and surely the Committee was watching. Lunardi's very latest has BC as the first team out, but here is a question for you: After this game, how can you say BC deserves a bid to the Tourney?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Moving on and Clemson preview

First of all I'm sorry for the inactivity on the blog lately. I've been pretty busy and haven't had the energy to get too many posts up lately.

-The offense was efficient for most of the day. The ball was moving, the threes were falling and we were able to get inside. When we had good possessions, we got good shots and knocked them down.
-The defense wasn't perfect, but it was good for stretches. Wake got out in transition some and we struggle there, but for most of the day we were rotating and doubling well.
-Biko picked up where he left off, knocking down another 6 threes and finishing with 21 points. Reggie was spectacular as usual, scoring 27 points on an incredibly efficient 10-13 from the field. Trapani was also great, finishing with 22. These three guys led us offensively.
-I know you all know, but Wake is really, really, really bad. Talent is not their biggest issue. They just seem to have no clue what to do out there and look lost. It is actually pretty sad.
-So next up is Clemson in a battle of bubble teams. Some think that this is an NCAA Tournament play in game, with the loser in the NIT. I don't, but this game is still huge. The winner will be a lock in the field of 68 and will likely avoid one of the first four games. However, for the loser, they will be sweating it out on Selection Sunday, and if they do make it, it is likely that they will have to go to Dayton. Based on the first meeting, these are two pretty evenly matched teams. In order to pull out a victory, I think BC has to play better low post defense, especially Trapani and Raji. This will be tough because they are undersized. I also think they'll need to get a third scorer, like they did today with Biko. Trapani and Reggie will get their numbers, but who else will step up. In the first game, Raji and Paris were pretty non-existant.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jackson and Trapani earn All-ACC honors

Today, the ACC announced their all conference teams. Reggie Jackson earned first team honors, while Joe Trapani was named to the third team.

This caps off a tremendous regular season for Jackson, who led the team in PPG (18.3) and APG (4.5). Without Jackson, who knows where BC would be right now. Reggie got the fewest amount of first team votes, however, with just 190.

Trapani's third team selection is very much deserved. Trap averaged 14.4 points and 7.5 rebounds. He is one of if not the hardest working players in the ACC. I'm happy for him and happy that the voters got it right.

Congratulations to both guys. They definitely earned it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rapid Reaction: BC destroys Wake on Senior Day

We will see you Thursday Wake.

-Have to begin with the seniors. In their final game at Conte, Paris, Trapani, and Raji had great games. Biko went for 19 points on an outstanding 6/7 from beyond the arc. If he can knock down shots like that, we'll be dangerous. Trapani did his usual thing. He had 17 points to go along with countless hustle plays. He's the one I am going to miss the most. Finally, Corey Raji had probably his best game as an Eagle in his final one. He went 9/16 for 21 points and 6 boards. He was a beast today.
-The game did not start out so hot, however. BC started with a zone defense which Wake was easily able to shred. They knocked down shots and took an early lead. But then, Donahue switched back to the man to man an BC made a run. We forced turnovers and got out and ran. Wake couldn't stop us.
-Reggie Jackson only played a total of 20 minutes today, sitting down for the seniors and during garbage time. But when he was in there, you could clearly see we were a better team. He got guys easy shots, got out in transition, and forced turnovers on defense.
-John Cahill's fantastic story continues. It really stinks that he is a senior, I would have loved to see him play a couple more years. Watching him today, I can tell why Donahue trusts him. He is such a smart basketball player.
-This win wraps up the fifth seed for us, which means we will play Wake again on thursday. Another win there would set up a date with Clemson in the second round. As for our NCAA hopes, I think a win on thursday would put us in, and a win on friday would make us a lock, and probably keeps us away from Dayton.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Friday Five: Recapping the 5 Biggest Stories of the Week

5) Women's Basketball bounced in first round of ACC Tournament
Last night, the BC women blew a big lead and lost to NC State in the first round of the ACC Tournament. They were on the bubble coming into the week, so it looks like no NCAAs for them this year. Hopefully the guys weren't watching.

4) Big Weekend Ahead
It starts tonight, when BC starts their series against UNH for the Hockey East Regular Season crown. Also, the baseball team battles Bethune-Cookman in Daytona tonight, looking to rebound from their series against Florida. On Saturday, the hockey team wraps up their series against UNH, and the baseball team takes on SIU Edwardsville. Then on Sunday, the basketball team faces Wake Forest in a must-win game on Senior Day. The baseball team finishes the weekend with a game against Michigan St.

3) Herzlich and Costanzo at the Combine
From what I've read, Costanzo was impressive. Right now, I would say he is a solid lock to go in the first round. Where in the first round is up for debate. Herzlich, on the hand, may have hurt his stock with his slow 40 time. This was an oppurtunity for him to show scouts that his speed and mobility are back, but unfortunately his 4.9 probably won't help.

2) BC Hockey takes on UNH
The Hockey East Regular Season title is on the line in the final weekend of the season. BC currently trails the Wildcats by a point in the standings but 3 points is all we need this weekend. While it would be nice to grab another trophy, this really isn't really that big. I'm more focused on the Tournament crown and of course, the National Championship.

1) BC tops Virginia Tech, keeps Tourney hopes alive
In the biggest game of the season, BC shocked everyone and routed the Hokies in Blacksburg. The win probably puts BC on the right side of the Bubble entering the final weekend of the regular season. With a win against Wake on Sunday, and at least one in Greensboro, we will probably get in.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Donahue Doing Work

Last night, I was as shocked as anyone at the way we played. The guys were focused, ready, and poised going into a must-win scenario on the road. We have had a history at BC of not showing up for these kind of games, but we pulled it off this time, and I think all the credit must go to Steve Donahue.

This time of year we tend to get caught up with the bad losses and the bubble picture, that we forget who we really are. We are team (outside of Reggie and Trap) with not a whole lot of talent who was picked to finish 10th in the ACC. We weren't supposed to be sniffing even the NIT. We won 6 conference games last year and lost Rakim, Ravenal, and T-Roche. If I told you we'd be in this position in October, you would say I was crazy.

Enter Steve Donahue. When the hire was made in the offseason, I thought it was a good hire, but there was no way he could get these guys to effectively play in his system. I thought it would take time. Instead, Donahue got these guys to work extra hard on their outside shooting and made them fit into his offense. He got them to play well above their potential, hiding their lack of talent.

Tournament or no tournament, let's applaud the job Steve Donahue has done in his first year. No one thought we'd be here and now win against Wake and another in the conference tourament will definitely put is in the dance. The future certainly looks bright for BC hoops. Take a bow, Steve Donahue.

Now just beat Wake.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rapid Reaction: BC blows out VT in must-win

Wow. I'm shocked.

-No one saw this one coming. On the road, at Senior night, against a team who just came off a win against Duke, nobody gave BC a chance. We've had a history of not showing up to the big games, but it looks like times have changed. Donahue has made a dramatic impact on this team and I look forward to more of this in the future.
-After falling behind 4-0 early, the Eagles made a run and quickly quited the crowd. Led by Jackson, BC got the lead all the way up to 16. This was when I knew that this wasn't going to be another BC letdown.
-The game was won in the second half, though. After the Hokies cut the lead to 6, BC put the game away with great defense and flawless execution. We couldn't be stopped on offense. VT wasn't hitting anything. It was the perfect storm.
-How about John Cahill? Getting his second straight start, Cahill knocked down two 3's and was money at the line.
-Raji and Reggie were huge on a night where Trapani did not score well. Reggie started us off and Raji finished. Both guys were aggressive and will need to be for the rest of the season.
-Other bright spots: Southern and Moton quality minutes, rebounding, transition defense.
-Tremendous win tonight, but it will mean nothing if we lose to Wake at home. I do not anticipate that, but it is not crazy to think. Hopefully the seniors will play big and get it done. This win probably will bounce us back in to all of those projections. We now control our destiny, which is always good.

BC-VT Tonight: So it all comes down to this...

Win and you have a good chance at getting in, lose and you are NIT. That's the situation that faces BC tonight.

VT comes into their senior night riding high after upsetting Duke on Saturday night. A win that propably takes them off the bubble and into the field of 68. BC enters the game on the wrong side of the bubble after losing to Miami on Wednesday, but beating Virginia on Saturday. Most bracketology sites have BC as one of the first four teams out.

So here we are. A road victory over team who just defeated the number one team in the nation would be very appealing to Bracketologists and most importantly, the tournament committee. To say the least, it will not be the easiest thing we have done this year. The Hokies are led by seniors Malcolm Delaney and Jeff Allen, who will be playing their final game at home and will want to go out with a bang. Cassell Coliseum will also be rocking after the win against Duke. We have not won at VT since 2006. That being said, we have defeated the Hokies and we have a chance, if we play our best game, to come out of Blacksburg with a win.

It is the biggest game of the season and I just hope the guys realize that and play their hearts out.