Monday, February 28, 2011

ACC Weekend Roundup

Florida State 65, Miami 59- FSU is definitely in the Tourney. They have not slowed too much since Singleton went down.

Clemson 63, Wake Forest 59-
Clemson is making a push to get in the dance. But I was puzzled when Lunardi had Clemson leapfrog BC in his latest bracketology. They beat Wake at home and we win at UVA but they jump us?

NC State 79, Georgia Tech 76-
Both of these head coaches are on the hot seat, and unless one of them makes a run in Greensboro, I think both of them are gone.

Virginia Tech 79, Duke 74-
This one probably puts the Hokies in. As BC fans, we probably wanted Duke to win to add another team on to the bubble, but this win only makes Tuesday's game that much bigger.

UNC 87, Maryland 76-
This was the Terps final chance to get a good win to give them a chance to dance, but it looks like they will miss out barring an ACC Tournament run.

Here are your updated ACC standings:

Duke 12-2 26-3
North Carolina 12-2 22-6
Florida State 10-4 20-8
Virginia Tech 9-5 19-8
Clemson 8-6 19-9
Maryland 7-7 18-11
Boston College 7-7 17-11
Miami 5-9 17-12
NC State 5-9 15-13
Virginia 5-9 14-14
Georgia Tech 3-11 11-17
Wake Forest 1-13 8-21

Saturday, February 26, 2011

2010-2011 Season in Review: The Bright Spots

Alright, I finally got around to writing the last in the 2010-2011 Season in Review series. Obviously it was a rough year, so there were not plenty of bright spots, but here are the three biggest ones from the year.

No, he didn't have eye-popping numbers, but he showed flashes of greatness throughout his time as the starter. After being inserted for Dave Shinksie for the Notre Dame game, Rettig gave BC fans hope for the future. Although inconsistent at times, he showed great potential. Next year, with a new OC, I look for more growth for Rettig.

So coming into the year, we all expected Montel to be a star. And he was. He was second in the ACC in rushing yards and averaged 4.6 yards per carry. But it was when Montel went down where we saw redshirt fresman Andre Williams, better known as Andre 3000 on this blog. In the Syracuse game, where Williams got his first start, he put on an epic performance, rushing for 185 yards on 42 carries. He also had a 30-yard touchdown run in the bowl game. Hopefully next year, both guys will be healthy and we have a little 2 headed monster in the running game.

It was a historic season for Boy Wonder. He led the nation with 183 tackles. 183 TACKLES! He reached double digits in tackles every game this season, including a 21 tackle performance against Duke and 20 at NC State. Oh yeah, and he also had 3 interceptions. He is also just a sophomore. I repeat, he is also just a sophomore. We have him for 2 more years, which is great for us, and scares the hell out of the rest of the ACC.

Rapid Reaction: Eagles rebound against Virginia

In a must win, BC looked very impressive.

-The game started horribly for BC, though. Shots weren't falling, we couldn't rebound, and there seemed like a lack of energy. It seemed like the Miami game all over again.
-But near the end of the half it all changed for BC. The defense picked up and got some steal which led to easy baskets. BC turned around the rebounding game and kept the Cavs of the glass.
-It was Reggie Jackson who led the surge. He ended the half with 14 points, which included a +1 off a steal, and a coast to coast lay in at the buzzer. IN the second half, he picked up where he left off. He distributed to his teammates and had 11 of his own, including a tremendous 4 point play. He put the team on his back and took over the game, something he needed to do.
-Maybe the most encouraging part of the game was BC's defense. They rotated well, helped well, and contested shots. They held Virginia to 32% shooting, and just 19% from three. If we can get our defense in order, we will have a chance to win the rest of our games and make a run in the ACC tournament.
-Other bright spots: Cahill getting the start, Raji with 17, and Trapani continuing to work hard.
-Now we must wait and see what the other bubble teams do. Games to keep and eye on: Texas A&M at Baylor, Michigan at Minnesota, Colorado State at Air Force, and UAB at Houston.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bubble burst?

Last nights disaster was a major setback for our NCAA tournament hopes? But is all completely lost? Should we just punch our tickets for the NIT? As Lee Corso would say, "not so fast my friend!"

After the game, I thought we were done. I thought we would need to go 3-1 in the final stretch, which is still possible, but thought losing to Miami would just look terrible to the Committee. Losing to a team near the bottom of the conference in the second-to-last week of the season would hurt our resume, and turn off some members of the committee.

Then I saw some of the other bubble teams in action last night. Bubble teams that were thought to be behind BC suffered losses last night. VCU lost to Drexel, Nebraska lost to K-State, Colorado State lost to BYU, and Baylor got blown out at Mizzou.

I'm not saying that we have a great chance at making the dance, but it is not over. We still have a shot. I think we will be out of most bracket projections, but we will still be on the bubble. And after last night, that is about all you could ask for.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rapid Reaction: BC comes out flat and loses to Miami

Well we puked on our shoes. Inexcusable.

-No energy whatsoever. In a must win game, no one came out like they wanted it. Miami just played harder and wanted it more than us. That is ridiculous. Talent was not our issue, effort was
-With that effort, Miami just got every loose ball and every long rebound. I don't understand this. WE are the bubble team, they have nothing to play for. Yet we come out sleepwalking at home?
-Watching the game, I kept wondering where the leadership on this team is. Biko, Corey, and Trap, our top seniors, should be the leaders of the team. And so should Reggie, being the best player on the team. I don't know how much blame should be put on Donahue, but some of it should go to Reggie and the seniors.
-As for the tournament ramifications, this is a severe punch, and possibly a knockout blow. We are now on the wrong side of the bubble, and close to being off of the bubble totally. I know we will have to win the rest of our regular season games, but I am reluctant to tell you what we must do in the ACC tournament. We will have definitely have to win one, if not 2, if not the whole damn thing.
-The effort in the first half was inexcusable. Disgusting.
-Bright spots: Cahill, Trapani, Second half comeback.

Daily Links- 2/23/11

According to the Herald, the Celtics have talked to the Suns about acquiring former Eagle Jared Dudley. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will happen. Oh well.

Herzlich is ready for the combine.

Here's an article on Castonzo.

The Hockey team will start next season at North Dakota.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Dean Dome Experience

Saturday, I was lucky enough to go the BC-UNC basketball. I try to go to every game when they come down here, but this was my first time going to the Smith Center. I live in Wake Forest, which is not to far from Chapel Hill.

The drive in was easy. Only took about forty-five minutes. Parking was simple. So we got out, about an hour before game time, and I was amazed at how many people were already there. Everybody was dressed in their Carolina blue and ready for the game.

As we walked in, we could immediately feel the great atmosphere. The building was buzzing, the music was blaring and as the game started everyone was on their feet. The Dome was huge, but tightly packed. There was really no bad seat in the house, and at tip, the place was rocking.

Living down here for 5 years, I can tell you that UNC people are classy people. But still, I expected a little heckling. But no, I heard nothing except for a few 'Welcome to UNC's. The guy who sat next to me even asked if Trapani was a senior and said he would love to have him on the Heels. Even after the loss, where I usually get the sarcastic 'Sorry Boston College!', I instead got a couple 'Good game's. As much as I dislike UNC for their great basketball team, the Heels are good people (unlike some of the other colleges down here).

After the game, we went over to Franklin Street for dinner. Franklin Street is the social center for students and alumni, and where they go to celebrate a victory. We walked around for a bit, and it was a very nice little place.

Overall, I had a great time. The Smith Center is a terrific place to watch a game and Carolina is a great school. If you have never been, I recommend you put it on your BC fan bucket list. I wish I took more pictures, but I left the camera in the car, so all I have is this terrible shot from my phone:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Who's up, Who's down?



Yesterday, the women's basketball started their game against Virginia on a 20 -0 run. A 20-0 RUN! The Cavs didn't score until the 10:16 mark and totaled just 19 points in the first half. The final score was 73-50, and it wasn't event that close. The Women's basketball team is up.


Kreider was named MVP of the Beanpot after his two goal and one assist performance in the championship game against Northeastern. He had a critical goal in the third period and set up Jimmy Hayes' game winner in overtime. On Friday, in the 7-7 tie against the Huskies, Kreider netted two more goals. Chris Kreider is up.



How awful were these guys? I understood the BU game (not them taking away a clear goal, but all the penalties called on us), because it is the BU Invitational, but what happened in the finals? I don't know the official number, but man these guys could blow their whistles. The Beanpot refs are down.


Against UNC, only 5 players scored. I'm looking for more production from our role players. We know that Trap, Reggie, and Raji will score, but who else will? We need more from guys like Rubin, Southern, Elmore and most of all Biko Paris. When Biko was draining threes and scoring early in the season, that was when we were at our best. The role players are down.

ACC Weekend Roundup

Florida State 84, Wake Forest 66- This one was tight at halftime before FSU pulled away. After all, it was Wake, so we can't tell how good the 'Noles will really be without Singleton

Virginia 51, Virginia Tech 54- A big upset here and a real hit to the Hokies tourney hopes. If BC were able to win on Saturday, we could have benefited from this one in the standings.

Clemson 63, Miami 59- This game came right down to the wire. But Miami missed some critical free throws and the Tigers squeaked out a win. A Clemson loss would have also helped us in the standings.

Maryland 87, NC State 80- The Terps are now 6-6 in the conference, but we were able to beat them twice.

Duke 79, Georgia Tech 57- No surprise here. Thanks to everyone in front of them losing, the Blue Devils are now the number 1 team in the nation.

Here are your updated ACC standings:

Duke 12-1 25-2
North Carolina 10-2 20-6
Florida State 9-3 19-7
Virginia Tech 7-5 17-8
Clemson 7-6 18-9
Boston College 6-6 16-10
Maryland 6-6 17-10
North Carolina State 4-8 14-12
Miami (FL) 4-8 16-11
Virginia 4-8 13-13
Georgia Tech 3-9 11-15
Wake Forest 1-11 8-19

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Comeback falls just short at UNC

So close. Great effort, though.

-Our offense was flat out awful today, especially in the first half. We shot just 27 percent from the field. And in the first half, we scored a grand total of 20 points. Horrific. But UNC also struggled, they only scored 21.
-One thing I noticed was that it seemed like we were very hesitant to shoot the three in the first half. I know Raji passed up a few and so did Paris and Moton.That really puzzled me, because if anything, we have sot too many threes this year.
-As bad as the offenses were, some credit must go to the defenses. Carolina played some lockdown and closed out on our shooters. BC was able to get in the passing lanes and create some turnovers.
-For the most part, I liked our defense. But when UNC went on their run in the second half, it was our transition defense that let us down. Some of that has to do with our bad offense, but a lot of it has to do with not getting back and setting up.
-Late in the second half, we came back and hit some clutch shots. Raji had a pair of threes and Reggie also had a big three. I'm proud of how we fought back and almost stole one. No one expected us to win and we just missed pulling the upset. As a BC fan, you can be satisfied with this effort.
-In the bigger picture, this loss will not hurt us that much in the NCAA tourney picture, but it will not help us. But I do wonder if the selection committee was watching this game and will take into account the fact that we came within a hair of beating the number 19 team in the nation at their place.

Friday, February 18, 2011

BC Basketball Receives Another Commitment

Today, Jordan Daniels tweeted that he gave Steve Donahue a verbal commitment. Daniels, a 5-9 point guard out of Etiwanda High School in California, is the sixth commit in the class of 2011.

From all that I have read about him, Daniels is a terrific talent. The only thing that kept him from getting more offers is his height. He is a real quick kid who can handle the ball and shoot.

Like I said, this is Donahue's 6th commitment in the 2011 class. If anybody had questions about his ability to recruit, he has answered them. I'm really impressed at his first full class, which includes 4 California natives.

Here are some clips of Daniels:

The Friday Five: Recapping the 5 Biggest Stories of the Week

Another new feature to the blog is the Friday Five. Every Friday, I will review the top 5 BC stories that week. Here we go.

5) Women's Hockey wins the Beanpot.
BC doubled up on Beanpots on Tuesday night. The women's team defeated Harvard 2-1 to capture their 4th Beanpot Championship. Mary Restuccia netted the game winner and was named Tournament MVP.

4) BC Baseball begins a new season
The baseball team starts their season today against 18th ranked Coastal Carolina in the Caravelle Resort Tournament. This is the first game under new head coach Mike Gambino. The Eagles are trying to replace 5 players who were lost to the draft, including ace Pat Dean. BC has lost a lot, and this looks like a rebuiliding year for Gambino and his staff.

3) 2011 Schedule released
On Tuesday, the ACC released all the football schedules for the 2011 season. BC's was pretty interesting. Some of the highlights include a home game against Northwestern to start the year, a rough three game stretch all on the road, and a Thursday nighter against Florida State.

2) Rogers named offensive coordinator
Also Tuesday, BC announced that Kevin Rogers will be the new offensive coordinator, replacing the retired Gary Tranquill. Last season, Rogers served as the quaterback coach for the Minnesota Vikings. The announcement ended an almost 3 month long search.

1) BC wins the Beanpot
On Monday, the Eagles beat Northeastern in another Beanpot thriller, Jimmy Hayes netted the game winning goal in OT to give BC a 7-6 win, and their 16th Beanpot title. It looks as if York has the boys poised to make another National Championship run.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Predicting the Final Five Games of the Season

As you know, BC is sitting right on the bubble. Needless to say, these final stretch of games can make or break our Tourney chances. We have a great chance to get to 20 wins. UNC will be tough, but the last four are easily winnable games. Here's how I see it.

Loss at UNC
After what happened a few weeks ago at home, how could anybody pick us? The Heels have won 7 of 8 since their bad loss at Georgia Tech. I think we will play better and play harder than the our last performance against them, but I don't think we can come away with this one.

Win vs Miami
I still can't believe we lost at Miami the first time. However, the 'Canes are not a good team. I expect a pretty easy win, as BC will be the more desperate team and at home. This isn't a must-win, but a must-not-lose. I know it makes no sense, but if we lose this game, you can probably kiss our tourney hopes goodbye. But if we win, we are just taking care of business.

Win at Virginia
Like Miami, Virginia just isn't good, although they have been playing better. In the first meeting at Conte, BC squeaked out a victory. I do not think this one will be as close. BC needs it much more than the Wahoos. We must pick this one up because the next game will be tough.

Win at Virginia Tech
This is the most important game through the final stretch for us. It is against another bubble team close to us in the ACC standings. The selection committee will be watching this game closely if everything stays the same. It would be easy to say in a must-win game at home, the Hokies would take this one. However, I see Donahue getting a signature win in his first season. BC steals one at Blacksburg.

Win vs Wake Forest
Wake is bad. I mean really bad. But this game could be closer than people think. If BC wins at Tech, this could serve as a trap game for the Eagles. BC has proved in the past that it is tough to get up for these games. But in the end, I think the better team prevails.

Call me crazy, call me hopelessly optimistic, but I think we can manage to go 4-1 in this final five game stretch. If we do, we'll go into the ACC tournament feeling good about our NCAA tourney hopes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking at the 2011 Football Schedule

On Monday, after the Rogers hire was announced, BC released their 2011 football schedule. It looks like this:

Sept. 3 vs. Northwestern Wildcats
Sept. 10 at Central Florida Knights
Sept. 17 vs. Duke Blue Devils
Sept. 24 vs. Massachusetts Minutemen
Oct. 1 vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons
Oct. 8 at Clemson Tigers
Oct. 22 at Virginia Tech Hokies
Oct. 29 at Maryland Terrapins
Nov. 3 vs. Florida St. Seminoles (Thursday), ESPN, 8 pm
Nov. 12 vs. N.C. State Wolfpack
Nov. 19 at Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Nov. 26 at Miami Hurricanes

Looking at the schedule I have a couple initial thoughts. The first being the opener against Northwestern. Northwestern is no Weber State. Last year, the Wildcats went 7-6, but they return a lot of starters and their stud QB Dan Persa. This is going to be an early test, but luckily it is at home. The UCF game will also be tough. Secondly, I was surprised by the three straight road games in October. I can't remember when we had three straight ACC away games. This will definitely be the toughest stretch of the season. Finally, I am pumped that thursday night football is coming back to BC. I've always loved those ones and BC has played well in them. But I am not so stoked about having only four days to prepare for the 'Noles. I will have more posts coming up breaking down the schedule so stay tuned.

Daily Links- 2/16/11

BC also won the Women's Beanpot. Congratulations to them.

Heather Dinich likes our new OC.

John Cahill has impressed Coach Donahue.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beanpot Champs!

Jimmy Hayes netted the game winning goal just 6 minutes into the overtime session to give Boston College their 16th Beanpot trophy. Northeastern played their asses off, but BC kept battling with them and came away with their third title in four years.

The game seemed all but over late in the third. Chris Kreider netted his second goal of the game, and BC led 6-5 with 8 minutes remaining. But Northeastern struck again with just 1:46 left when Wade Macleod beat John Muse to tie up the game.

But only six minutes into the OT, Jimmy Hayes put a rebound past Northeastern goalie Chris Rawlings to win the game, and the tournament. It was Hayes' 14th of the year.

Kreider was named MVP with his 2 goal and 1 assist performance.

Jerry York must be very proud of his team. The guys kept battling back time after time tonight. They overcame bad penalty calls and what-could-have-been-devastating goals. There were plenty of times where they could have layed down, but they kept fighting and were rewarded in the end. Also, got to give big ups to Northeastern. They fought equally hard in what was another Beanpot thriller.

The Beanpot has recently served as a launching pad for a National Championship run. Let's hope this is the case again. GO BC!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Who's up, Who's down?



The senior track star broke the BC record for the mile. King finished with a time of 4:37:04, which is also the second fastest time in the nation this year. Caroline King is up.


Saturday, Cahill was a huge spark off the bench for the Eagles. The walk-on came off the pine and delivered three three-pointers. Cahill finished with 9 points, pretty impressive for a kid that only had 11 coming into the game.



So today Kevin Rogers was named the new offensive coordinator. Unfortunately, I think our AD had a big hand in the process. Like I said, Spaz is not a great coach, but he should be able to choose his own staff, and I don't think that happened.


Going into Saturday's game, Joey Brackets had BC as an eleventh seed and in the last four in. After the win, I expected BC to be in a little better position. But no, BC is now listed as a 12 seed and is still in the last four in.

Beanpot Final Tonight there or BU (haha).

Tonight, in the 59th annual Beanpot final, BC will battle Northeastern at 8 PM. The Eagles are looking for their 3rd Beanpot title in 4 years. For BC, winning the Pot has served as a springboard for a National Championship run. I fully expect BC to take this one. Here are some news and notes surrounding the game:

Central to Boston College success (Boston Herald)

BC, Northeastern to tangle for Beanpot title (New England Hockey Journal)

Boston College locals want another Beanpot crown (The Patriot Ledger)

Northeastern attempts to end Beanpot drought (Boston Globe)

Five Storylines For Tonight's Beanpot Championship (BC Interruption)

A Centered Approach (The Heights)

NU has high hopes in Beanpot final (ESPN)

Kevin Rogers Named Offensive Coordinator

Finally, the search for a new OC is over. My two initial reactions were these: who is doing the hiring and I am just glad Tranq is gone.

First, lets take a look at Rogers' resume :

Minnesota Vikings QB Coach 2006-2010
Virginia Tech QB Coach 2002-2005
Notre Dame QB Coach and OC 1999-2001
Syracuse QB Coach and OC 1991-1998
Navy Assistant 1983-1990
William & Mary RB Coach 1980-1982
Ohio State GA 1978-1979

What I like about him is that he brings a lot of experience. And with experience comes knowledge. He has been around the game a long time and has been with many different offenses and many different quarterbacks. But let's not forget how much experience Tranquill had. What I don't like is his limited time spent as an OC. I haven't looked into it much, but how good were his offenses?

The long search for a new coordinator has made some wonder who really is hiring? GDF or Spaz. I hope it was Spaz, but I do not think that's the case. GDF likes to have his hand in the football program, and it would not surprise me if he did here. I'm sure he was just as pissed at the offense as all of us were, so he wanted to go out and hire who he wanted. As much as Spaz's coaching frustrates me, I think he should be the one to choose who gets on HIS staff.

Finally, let's just be thankful that Old Man Tranq is out of here. As concerned as I am about Rogers, he can't be worse than Tranq. He just physically can't. At least I hope.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

ACC Weekend Roundup

We're coming down the stretch in the ACC. Here's a look at what went down this weekend:

UNC beats Clemson- This one was tight at the end. Both teams have been playing some good basketball lately.

FSU defeates UVA- The Seminoles may have won the game, but lost their best player in Chris Singleton. He broke his foot and could miss the rest of the year. This is a big blow to FSU.

Virginia Tech routs Georgia Tech-
Easy W for the Hokies. How did we hold them to 56 points??

Duke avoids upset at Miami-
No surprise here. Duke is clearly the class of the ACC, and will only get better if they get Irving back.

NC State drops Wake- Somebody had to win.

Here's a look at the updated ACC standings:

Duke 10-1 23-2
North Carolina 8-2 18-6
Florida State 8-3 18-7
Virginia Tech 6-4 16-7
Clemson 6-5 17-8
Boston College 6-5 16-9
Maryland 5-5 16-9
Miami (FL) 4-7 15-10
North Carolina State 3-7 13-11
Virginia 3-7 12-12
Georgia Tech 3-8 10-14
Wake Forest 1-9 8-17

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Eagles sweep Maryland

Much-needed win today.

-Today Reggie put the team on his back. He came out with a sense of urgency, and the team followed. He was hitting his shots and getting to the rack. If he can play this well, we might have a chance.
-The three ball was falling today, especially in the clutch. We went 10-26 from beyond the arc. Cahill and Biko had some big ones.
-Speaking of John Cahill, what a boost he gave us off the pine. With three big threes, he is likely to get some more PT. By the way, I am now the official president of the John Cahill fan club.
-I am not going to talk about the defense or some of the other negatives, because we got the win. No, it wasn't pretty, but they don't ask how, they ask how many. It is another resume booster for us. Maryland is another team on the bubble, so if it comes down to MD or BC, then we should get the nod. But it is way too early for that talk. We still have work to do.
-BC gets a week off before a rematch at UNC. The open week should help us.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Could There Be a Basketball Beanpot?

A few days ago, Herald writer Dan Duggan brought up the possibility of a potential basketball Beanpot. The tourney would include the four hockey teams and UMASS and Holy Cross. He mentions that many of the coaches are for the idea.

However, I am not high on this idea. I think it may sound good on paper, but would not work out as many people think. Boston is not a college sports town. No matter who you put in the tournament, the people of Boston are tough to get interested in college sports. Unless there is a high profile or highly ranked program in the tournament, it will be tough to get people to watch. The schools may fill up the arena, but a Basketball Beanpot would probably not create the buzz around Boston.

From BC's point, what is the benefit of such a tournament. We already play Holy Cross and UMASS every year, and losing would just result in another bad loss for our resume.

I would be interested in seeing all the teams from around the city get together for one tournament, but who else would be?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rapid Reaction: BC falls at Clemson once again

Another frustrating one from Littlejohn.

-Early in the second half, Clemson went on a run and stretched their lead out. After that, it seemed we had given up, just like the Duke and UNC games. Where is the urgency and want-to? We need every win we can get.
-Not to beat a dead horse, but I have no idea how we have won any games with our defense. Late in the game, when we needed stops, we could not get them. I think it is a combination of bad team defense and lousy man to man defenders.
-I would criticize Joe's defense, but he plays so damn hard. He was contesting shots, going for boards, and getting loose balls. Oh and he also had 22 points. If only he could get the rest if the team to play that hard.
-Reggie broke out of his slump tonight. He and Trap combined for 49 points, but got no help from the others.
-Because it was a road game, I don't think that this kills our resume, but it makes this Maryland game on Saturday pretty big.

BC beats BU, on to Beanpot Final

Last night, BC pulled out an overtime win against the Terriers. Tommy Cross netted the game-winner just 3 minutes into the extra session. BC battled the whole night, overcoming a bad no goal call and countless penalties in the third period. Yet, the boys pulled out another thriller against BU. We are now 4-0 against them this year. Sucks2BU. BC plays Northeastern in the final next Monday. Here are the highlights:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Links-2/7/11

The Hockey Journal is wondering if the Beanpot has lost its luster.

From ESPN, a preview of the Pot.

BC basketball missed out on Alex Murphy.

Who's up, Who's down?

In an attempt to spice up the blog and hopefully get some more readers, I'm introducing a new feature called who's up, who's down. Basically I just take in everything that has happened in the BC sports world and figure out who had a good one, and who had a rough one.


Southern was very active on Saturday. He was moving good and was explosive with his moves. He even had a pretty reverse lay-in. Moton logged a lot of minutes on Saturday and did well with them. Donahue has said that he is our best man-to-man defender, and I can't disagree with him. He shut down Delaney, while also contributing on the offensive end. Josh Southern and Gabe Moton are up.

I regret that I have not been talking about our best athletic program more, but it's tough when you can't watch most of the games. Anyways, the Eagles have won 11 of their last twelve, including a 5-0 shutout of UMASS this weekend. BC is back at the top of the rankings. Let's hope we can carry this roll into the Beanpot. The BC hockey team is up.


In the second half of the BC-VT game this weekend, Gabe Moton was struck in the face. After going down, Moton laid on the court for what seemed like 5 minutes. Where was the training staff? Nowhere to be seen. Moton eventually got up and walked off, but it looked really bad. The BC training staff is down.

I know after the UNC defeat, it's tough to go back and see another game just four days later. But, the general public did not have a hard time making it to the game. I know there were some Superfans there, but not enough. Really what else are you going to do on a Saturday afternoon in early February? The BC students are down.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

ACC Weekend Roundup

BC picked up a big win this weekend, here's how the rest of the conference looked:

Duke kills NC State- Not much of a surprise here. Duke is a very incosistent team. When they shoot it well, they win.

Clemson wins on the road at GT- Clemson is quietly playing some good basketball. BC will have their hands full on Tuesday night.

Maryland beats up on Wake Forest- Poor Wake. We better not lose to them.

Miami defeats Virginia in OT- Couple of teams near the bottom of the conference. Neither will be factors in the conference.

UNC impressive in win vs FSU- Carolina is ballin right now. They shredded that great Seminole defense. Does this win make the BC loss a little better??

Here are your updated ACC standings:

Duke 8-1 21-2
North Carolina 7-1 17-5
Florida State 6-3 16-7
Boston College 5-4 15-8
Virginia Tech 5-4 15-7
Maryland 5-4 15-8
Clemson 5-4 16-7
Miami (FL) 3-6 14-9
Virginia 3-6 12-11
Georgia Tech 3-6 10-12
North Carolina State 2-7 12-11
Wake Forest 1-7 8-15

Super Bowl Sunday

Tonight, the Packers and Steelers will play for Super Bowl XLV. As a Patriots fan, I will have a hard time watching the game. Regardless, I will be watching.

However, being a BC fan, I will be rooting for the Packers. Simply because the number of BC alumni on both sidelines look like this: Packers-2, Steelers-0. BJ Raji and Robert Francois will suit up for the Packers in Dallas.

Raji is having a great season in his first full year as a starter. Everyone remembers his pick 6 (and his dance moves) from the NFC Championship game. Bob Ryan had a great article on BJ and Corey this week.

Today, we are all Cheeseheads!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

2010-2011 Season in Review: Games of the Year

There were not a whole lot of choices to go with here. Most of our games were blowout losses, or unentertaining wins against bad teams. Regardless, here are my top five games of the year.

5) 24-19 loss at FSU

I know we couldn't pull this one off, but this was one of the most exciting games of the year. BC entered Tallahassee huge underdogs coming off a blowout loss to NC State and FSU riding high after their beatdown of Miami. However, BC set the tone on the first play of the game, when Montel broke off a 72 yard run. But the Eagles weren't able to capitalize, settling for a field goal. The much-heralded FSU quarterback, Christian Ponder, struggled for most of the day, turning the ball over four times. BC took the lead in the fourth quarter after a Nate Freese field goal that followed a Jim Noel pick 6. However, FSU's Bert Reed scored on a 42-yard reverse that put the Seminoles up for good.

4) 21-16 Win at Duke

In a game that featured two ACC teams near the bottom of their respective divisions, this one had a lot of fireworks. Chase Rettig threw for 230 yards and two touchdowns, including a 38 yard bomb to Bobby Swigert. In the fourth quarter, BC seemed to be going in for the game sealing score. Up 21-9, Montel Harris carried the ball up the middle for what looked like a short gain. But Harris had the balled stripped away and Duke's August Campbell scooped it up and ran it back for a touchdown. Duke got the ball back one more time on their own 37 with 4 minutes remaining. They took it down all the way to the BC nine, where the Eagles defense made a stand. After three straight incompletions, Duke faced a fourth down with the game on the line. Duke QB Sean Renfree dropped back and threw a quick slant when defensive end Max Holloway leaped into the air and batted the ball down, winning the game for the Eagles.

3) 16-7 Win at Syracuse

In the final game of the regular season, BC matched up with non-conference foe Syracuse. After injuring his knee the week before, star tailback Montel Harris was out for the Eagles. Taking his place, was the unknown Andre Williams. Williams was stellar for BC. On an amazing 42 carries, Andre 3000 (copyright me) ran for 185 yards and a touchdown. The game was sealed with a Mark Herzlich interception with less than a minute to play. Although it was a meaningless non-conference game, Williams gave fans a performance to remember.

2)17-13 Win vs Virginia

In the final home game of the season, Mark Herzlich and the rest of the BC seniors were able to go out in style. Down 10-3, BC tied up the game with 2 minutes left in the first half when Rettig hit freshman Alex Amidon for a 40 yard touchdown pass. But Virginia drove down the field and kicked a 40 yard field goal to take a 13-10 lead into the locker room. But late in the fourth quarter, Andre 3000 broke off by far his biggest run of the season, a 60 yard scamper down to the Virginia 4. Harris finished off the drive taking it in to give BC a 17-13 lead. From there the BC defense took over. In the fourth quarter, Mark Herzlich picked off Marc Verica to cap the game and his amazing career at BC.

1) 16-10 Win vs Clemson

I think this was the game that turned our season around. But it did not look great from the start. In BC's first offensive drive, Chase Rettig threw a bad interception which was returned for a touchdown to give Clemson an early lead. But the freshman responded, leading BC on two straight field goal drives. Down 10-6, BC made a huge play in the second quarter to give the Eagles the momentum. After forcing another Clemson punt, Chase dropped back and found Montel Harris wide open down the sideline. Harris did the rest to put BC up 13-10. Freese added another field goal at the end of the half to put BC up 6. In the second half, it was the aggressive BC defense that took over. With two and a half minutes left in the third quarter, Clemson QB Kyle Parker threw an ill-advised pass that bounced around and ended up in the hands of Donnie Fletcher, keeping Clemson from scoring. While the offense struggled, the defense of the Eagles kept Clemson from getting any points. Then, with under 2 minutes left, Parker rolled left and threw down the sideline where Luke Kuechly stepped in and made a diving interception, ending the game.

Rapid Reaction: Eagles get much-needed win vs VT

That was a close one, but I'll take it.

-I said before the game that BC could come out with passion, or come out like they have given up on this season. Today they came out like they wanted it. They were flying around, contesting shots, and going hard for loose balls.
-You have got to be happy with the defense. VT went 9-30 in the first half. Although they missed some open looks, most shot were with a hand in the face. They rotated well and closed on jump shots.
-However, rebounding was a big problem for us today. BC gave up 14 offensive rebounds. Many of those resulted in easy baskets. Allen is a great player, but he should not get 8 offensive rebounds. Too much.
-Trapani is playing some great basketball right now. He is being much more aggressive. I think he has learned that he can impact the game by hitting the glass and posting up. He also had a huge three late.
-Reggie had 10 key points, all of them coming in the second half. Biko was also clutch down the stretch. Two guys who I think played great were Gabe Moton and Josh Southern. Moton was aggressive driving to the hoop and played solid D on Delaney. Southern had an extra bounce in is step today. He was moving on defense and also rebounded great.
-This is one we needed to have. It was good to see our guys come out like they really wanted it. Now, the challenge is sustaining that attitude for the rest of the season.
-The Eagles have another critical game Tuesday when they go on the road to play Clemson, where they have never beaten the Tigers.


For the first time in BC Sports Blog history, I will be live blogging during today's game. I thought since I'll be watching the game during the computer, I might as well update the blog.

First Half, 20:00-Starters for BC: Trapani, Southern, Rubin, Jackson, Paris.

First Half, 18:51-BC scores two quick buckets, up 4-0. Tech calls quick timeout. Good start.

First Half, 15:48- BC up 6-4. Both teams struggling on offense. BC's defense is better. Southern and Rubin have each been called for traveling. Bad turnovers.

First Half, 11:32- BC up 11-6. Our defense is looking good. We are rotating and contesting all shot. Raji has brought energy off the bench, but has picked up his second foul.

First Half, 7:32- BC up 19-10. Reggie is having a great game. Not scoring but is making plays, including setting up Dunn for a big and-1. Defense is solid, but we've given up a couple offensive rebounds that have led to buckets. But still a good start.

First Half, 4:11- BC up 24-20. Couple of big plays: Southern with the reverse layup and Elmore with a block from behind. However, poor rebounding and turnovers has given Tech some momentum.

- BC has come out strong. Defense has been much better. Trapani is being aggressive and having a great game. Our offense went cold towards the end of the half, leading to the VT run. Our rebounding has looked bad at times, but all in all is pretty good.

Second Half, 15:10
- BC up 35-32. The half started like the whole UNC game. Turnovers, rebounding, and bad transition D. Let Tech even the game. BC has answered and is up by 3 though.

Second Half, 11:07- BC up 41-39. Jeff Allen and Malcom Delaney are coming alive for Tech. Bad news for BC. Our D is starting to lapse. Luckily, we are matching them on the offensive end. We're still getting killed on the glass.

Second Half, 10:41- BC up 42-39. Reggie gets his first points of the game with a nice three point play. Close it out, Reggie.

Second Half, 7:27- BC up 48-44. Reggie and Biko are starting to score. Moton had a nice putback lay in. Rebounding is keeping VT in the game. This game will be close down the stretch.

Second half, 3:58
- BC up 54-49. After back to back threes by Reggie and Joe, the crowd has woke up and so has the BC defense. Southern reaches and dives for a lose ball, and then Joe forces a turnover. Lets go.

Second half, 2:20- BC up 56-51. BC on an 8-2 run. Reggie with a nice play to throw it off the VT player.

Second half, 1:27- BC up 56-54. After a huge free throw miss by Jackson, Delaney hits an amazing three. Uh oh. Close it out, anyone.

Second half, :56
- BC up 58-56. Jackson and Delaney trade buckets. BC ball. Go to Jackson.

Final BC 58 VT 56
- What a finish. VT gets a clean look at a three but can't knock it down. BC escapes. Rapid Reaction coming up later.

BC Basketball: Where do we go from here?

After the UNC debacle, some if not most fans gave up on this season. I, being the hopelessly optimistic BC fan I am, have not...yet. While I think we are a good team that has hit a rough skid, I am also a realist. If you watched our last three games, you saw a disgrace to the game of basketball. However, if you watched our non-conference and our early ACC games, you saw a team that could be a good, maybe not great, but a good, solid team. I have not forgot about those games. I still believe we can be that team again. But you cannot deny what has happened the last three games. This team has come out flat, played no defense and have seemed to play with no passion.

After what went down Tuesday, you bet today's game is a must win. BC has fallen to the middle of the pack in the standings, but the top of the conference is still in our reach. Unfortunately, so is the bottom. I said last week that we would have to at least win one of the UNC and VT games. Well, we currently are 0-1. Including today's game, we have 8 games left in conference. I'll say it now, I don't think we are a tournament team but if we were to make the big dance, I'd say we would need to win at least 5 of those games, which is not out of the realm of possibility. Lunardi currently has us as a 9 seed, which shocked me. I guess there are not many good teams in college basketball this year. If we keep playing like we have been playing, we definitely won't be a nine seed in the National Tournament. Maybe a nine seed in the NIT.

I think BC can go either way today. We can come out, pissed off at the UNC embarrassment, and be ready to play. However, we can also let Tuesday ruin us, and give up on the season, starting today. Honestly, I have no idea which way we'll go, hopefully not the ladder.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Signing Day Recap

As you know, yesterday was college football's official signing day. There were no surprises regarding BC's class. We inked 23 new Eagles. Welcome to the Heights boys! I never like to predict who will be how good and who will make an immediate impact, but I think we have a solid class. Jean-Louis was a great get and Suntrup could be our future starting quarterback. Here is a list of our commitments and descriptions from the BC website:

Mehdi Abdesmad, DL, 6-6, 260, Montreal, Quebec (Cegep Du Vieux Montreal)
Awarded "hit of the year" for his team in 2008 and 2009...awarded best academic record in 2009...won a silver medal with Canada at the 2009 IFAF Junior World Championship...selected to play in the "Team USA vs. the World" game in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla...broke the school's career sack record...chose BC over UConn and Baylor.

Manny Asprilla, DB, 5-10, 170, Everett, MA (Everett)
Named to the Massachusetts High School Football Coaches Association's All-State team in All-State selection...led his team to a Division I state title...played both ways as a running back and defensive back...scored 19 touchdowns his senior season...also recruited by Maryland, Syracuse and Rutgers.

Kieran Borcich, DL, 6-3, 265, Bronxville, NY (Bronxville)
Recorded 94 tackles, 24 sacks and one forced fumble as a junior...No. 2 DL in New York and No. 26 in the country as ranked by Rivals, Inc...finished 13-0 and won the Section III Class C Championship...named All-State first team by the New York State Sportswriters...2009 New York state sack leader...chose BC over Florida State, Stanford, UConn, Maryland, Rutgers, Syracuse, Duke and others.

Dave Bowen, OL, 6-6, 256, Radnor, PA (Radnor)
Named to the Inquirer's All-Southeastern Pennsylvania first team...2010 team captain...2010 first-team All-Central...2010 first-team All-Delco...2010 PFN first-team AAA All-State...selected to play in the "Big 33" game (Pennsylvania vs. Ohio)...chose BC over Temple Towson and others.

Steven Daniels, LB, 6-0, 225, Cincinnati, OH (St. Xavier)
Tallied 82 total tackles, 14 tackles for loss and seven sacks as a junior...recorded 34 tackles for loss and 18 sacks in 2010...No. 15 linebacker in the country as ranked by Rivals, Inc...Division I All-Ohio first-team selection...named to the Butkus Award watch list in 2010...chose BC over NC State, Texas A&M, Louisville, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky and others.

Sean Duggan, LB, 6-4, 215, Cincinnati, OH (St. Xavier)
Division I All-Ohio second-team selection...registered 31 tackles, three sacks, three TFL and two interceptions as a junior...50 tackles, two fumbles recovered and two interceptions in the 2010 regular season...Xavier went 17-7 with three postseason victories with Duggan as a starter...named to the Butkus Award watch list in 2010...chose BC over Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, NC State, Virginia, Vanderbilt and others.

Curtric Evans, WR, 6-0, 173, Hollywood, FL (Chaminade Madonna)
Nickname is "Spiffy"...caught 27 passes for 800 yards and 14 scores and had two punt returns for touchdowns on two attempts in 2009...caught 11 passes for 301 yards and two touchdowns in a 42-41 victory over Archbishop Carroll in 2010...chose BC over Wake Forest, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Stanford and others.

Paul Gaughan, OL, 6-6, 280, Dunmore, PA (Dunmore)
2009 first-team Coaches All-Stars...2010 first-team Coaches All-Stars...2010 first-team All-Region...2010 first-team All-State in Class A...selected to play in the Chesapeake Bowl...chose BC over Wisconsin, Stanford, Maryland, Syracuse, Northwestern, Indiana and others.

Alex Howell, K/P, 6-2, 185, Florence, SC (West Florence)
Set school record with 51-yard field goal in 2010...No. 4 punter in the country as ranked by Scouts, Inc...qualified for the Kohl's kicking challenge, a top kicking challenge in the Southeast...invited to the NUC All-American Gridiron Game in 2010.

Joshua Keyes, DB, 6-1, 205, Chatham, NY (Chatham)
Named a Class C South first-team All-Star in 2008...named the Class C South Player of the Year in a junior, he set 14 school records and led Chatham to an undefeated division 2010, he rushed for 1,721 yards and 21 touchdowns...registered 32 solo tackles, 47 assists and four interceptions...named to the 2010 state Class C Football All-Star first team...chose BC over Louisville, Indiana and Illinois.

Dan Lembke, OL, 6-5, 282, New Lenox, IL (Providence Catholic)
Played varsity football all four years at Providence Catholic...named All-Conference in 2010...named All-Area in 2009 and 2010...named All-State honorable mention in 2010...was also recruited by Nebraska, Wisconsin and Western Michigan.

Nick Lifka, LB, 6-2, 235, Naperville, IL (Naperville North)
Three-time All-City...two-time conference Defensive Player of the Year...member of 2010 USA Junior National team...named Defensive Player of the Year...168 tackles, 13 TFL, four sacks, three forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries (one returned for TD), two INTs in 2010...named to the Butkus Award watch list in 2010...chose BC over LSU, UConn, Vanderbilt, Indiana, Duke, Minnesota, Mississippi state and others.

Al Louis-Jean, DB, 6-1, 180, Brockton, MA (Brockton)
No. 9 cornerback in the nation as ranked by second-team All-American...named to the Associated Press East Region 25 list of first-team All-State selection...hauled in 28 catches for 572 yards and 5 TDs on offense while coming away with four interceptions on defense...chose BC over Notre Dame, Penn State, Miami, Stanford, UConn, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Maryland and others.

Eddie Meredith, OL, 6-5, 291, Aurora, Ontario (St. Andrews)
Named captain his junior year...awarded the St. Andrews College Addison Trophy for outstanding football career achievement...twice chosen as a conference All-Star...twice chosen as a Greater Toronto Area All-Star...named the top offensive lineman in the greater Toronto area by the Toronto Star...selected by Canada Football as Canada's top lineman...selected to play in the NUC 2010 All-World Classic...chose BC over Michigan State, Princeton, Yale and others.

Brian Mihalik, DL, 6-7, 233, Avon Lake, OH (Avon Lake)
Division II All-Ohio second-team selection...played TE and DE for Avon Lake...his father, John, played fullback for BC in the 80s...chose BC over Stanford, West Virginia, Arizona, Duke, Kansas Indiana, Louisville and others.

Brian Miller, TE, 6-4, 215, Andover, MA (Andover)
Invited to Under Armour All-America game...made 2010 All-State "Super 26" football team...named Boston Globe Eastern Massachusetts of 50 football players to be nominated for Old Spice Player of the Year...first-team All-Merrimack Valley Conference...No. 1 prospect in the state of Massachusetts and No. 8 TE prospect in the country as ranked by Rivals, Inc...chose BC over Clemson, Miami, North Carolina, Michigan, Penn State, Stanford, Iowa, Virginia and others.

Victor Nelson, OL, 6-7, 300, Park Ridge, IL (Maine South)
Was named to Spiewak's 2011 watch list...led his team to an undefeated season in 2009...won the 8A State Championship in 2008, 09 and 10...chose BC over Louisville, Indiana and Illinois.

Liam Porter, OL, 6-6, 310, Natick, MA (Natick)
Helped the offense rush for almost 2,800 yards in 2009...helped Natick reach the State Championship game in 2009...named to the Massachusetts High School Football Coaches Association's All-State team in 2010...also recruited by Virginia and Wisconsin.

Max Ricci, DL, 6-4, 330, Groton, MA (Lawrence Academy)
Played both OL and DL for Lawrence Academy...named honorable mention All-ISL his sophomore year...named All-ISL in 2009 and 2010...invited to the NUC All-America Gridiron Game in 2010...also lettered in lacrosse.

Ameer Richardson, DB, 6-1, 185, Collingswood, NJ (Collingswood)
2010 All-Conference first-team running back...2010 All-South Jersey running back...four-year varsity two-way starter...holds Collingswood High School records for the most rushing yards in a season (4,150+) and most TD in a season (18)...2008 and 2009 All-Conference first team defensive back...also recruited by Rutgers.

Spenser Rositano, DB, 6-2, 200, Ashburn, VA (Stone Bridge)
Played safety, wide receiver, kicker and kick returner...helped his team reach the State Championship in 2010...averaged 26.4 yards per catch on 16 receptions along with three TDs...recorded 44 tackles, four interceptions (two returned for TDs) and returned two punts for TDs...also recruited by Maryland, Pittsburgh and Virginia.

Christian Suntrup, QB, 6-3, 205, St. Louis, MO (Chaminade College Prep)
Four-year varsity starter...2010 All-Catholic Conference...2010 All-Metro Team...named to Lemming's Top 25 pro-style quarterbacks...4,507 career passing yards...No. 5 prospect in the state of Missouri and No. 19 QB prospect in the country as ranked by Rivals, Inc...chose BC over Stanford, Nebraska, Kansas and Minnesota.

Connor Wujciak, DL, 6-3, 250, West Orange, NJ (Seton Hall Prep)
No. 9 prospect in the state of New Jersey and the No. 25 DE in the country, as ranked by Rivals, Inc...recorded 64 tackles, 11 sacks, three fumble recoveries, one blocked punt and one blocked field goal as a junior...led his team to a 10-1 record and spot in the State Championship game as a senior...chose BC over Notre Dame, Maryland, Pitt, Rutgers, Michigan State, Cincinnati and Minnesota.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Eagles get embarrassed by UNC

Well that sucked. Not showing up for the biggest game of the year at home??

-You have to start with the effort. After the first ten minutes, BC gave up. No one was in the game except maybe Trapani. That part is the most troubling, given that this was probably the best attendance we will get all year.
-This was a game about the defenses. Ours sucked more than usual, and UNC had the blueprint to beat our offense. We all know about the defense, but I think part of it is effort. It was too easy for UNC all night. On the other end, UNC had a good gameplan and we had know idea what to do. They overplayed the perimeter, denying Southern in the high post and Reggie up top. When neither of them could get the ball, we turned it over.
-I was on the Donahue bandwagon to start the season, as most people were. However, as ATL Eagle said, where are his in-game adjustments? After our struggles in the first half, I was waiting for something new. Nope, didn't come and we looked awful at times.
-Speaking of questionable decisions, I did not like our rotation. I understand 'Practice Matters' but why is Chris Kowalski in the game? With all due respect to him, he is a walk on. Why is Dunn only getting one minute of PT? I also think Elmore is in the game too much. He is very limited offensively and he is obviously not helping the defense out too much. His minutes need to go down, if that means more John Cahill, then so-be-it.
-The only bright spot in this one was Trap. He was aggresive, yet took good shots. He was the only one who came to play today. Big ups to big Joe.
-I'll have another post up tomorrow on what is next for the team.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UNC at BC Tonight @ 9- Must-win for the Eagles?

BC returns to action tonight when they take on the Tar Heels at Conte at 9 on the ACC Network. The Eagles are coming off a tough stretch, losing three out of the last four games, including blowout losses at FSU and Duke. Although we are in the first day of February, this is a critical game for us, in both the ACC and National Tourney picture. BC currently sits tied for fourth in the conference, with three other teams at 4-3. I think the season rides on this game and Saturday's game against Virginia Tech. I don't think we can lose both and expect to get a bye in the ACC Tournament and/or a bid in the National Tourney. These are two good, but beatable teams, and we have them at home. If we win both, our RPI should improve and we would have another two solid wins that could have the potential to be great wins. The ACC is in a down year, so who finishing sixth or seventh may not get you in the tourney, as it would in the past. If we win one, our season is not finished, but we will have more work to do. It would be an uphill battle, but there are winnable games towards the end of the year. However, if we happen to lose both, we are in a deep, deep hole. I won't say that we can't comeback and get a bid to the dance, but we would put ourselves in a bad position in the conference. As I said, sixth or seventh in the ACC may not get in. Let's hope we can pick up these two big W's and boost our resume.