Monday, January 31, 2011

ACC Weekend Roundup

With BC off this weekend, I was able to watch some games from across the conference.

FSU loses at Clemson-I think this helps our BC, but I am not sure it's great for the league. People will start to look at the ACC as Duke and 11 other not so great teams. Duke is now the only ranked team, but hey, we have parity!

UNC beats NC State..AGAIN- Is Sidney Lowe on the hot seat yet? Anyways, UNC is starting to look like what people thought they would be: the number two team in the conference, although not as good as experts predicted.

Wake gets first conference win vs Virginia- Congratulations Wake, you have avoided an 0-16 conference record! Now, go back to losing.

VT decays Miami- Va Tech is lookin like a good team. The VT-BC matchup is starting to look like an important game for both teams.

Maryland gets a road win at GT- MD is improving. However, I do not see them as a threat to reac the top tier of the league.

Duke gets wacked by St. Johns- Are you serious? Thanks for carrying the ACC's torch Duke.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stewart decommits from BC, headed to Florida

One of BC's top recruits in the 2011 class, four-star linebacker Graham Stewart, committed to Florida yesterday. Losing Stewart, out of Xavier High in Connecticut, s a loss, but not as big as it may seem. Yes, he was one of our higher ranked players in the class, but BC has a lot of depth at linebacker. With Kuechly and Pierre-Louis returning BC has just one spot to fill. Look for Steele Divitto to be the favorite to get that starting job going into spring practice. In his freshman year, he played sparingly, but looked fine when he was out there. BC also has three incoming linebackers in Sean Duggan, Steven Daniels, and Nick Lifka.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Duke 84, BC 68: Revisiting BC's 3 Keys

Before the game, I offered up my keys to a BC upset. As we all know, we did not just lose to Duke, we got it handed to us. Let's take a look at how the keys turned out.

1)Big game from Reggie
As Donahue has said, how players perform in practice will determine who starts and who comes off the pine. When asked about Reggie's benching, coach said, "Practice matters." I get that, but it's REGGIE JACKSON. One of the best players in the conference. After finally getting in the game, Jackson was a nonfactor. He never really got into the flow. He finished with 7 points, on 3-11 shooting. Not exactly a big game.

2)Knock down the 3 ball
BC finished 7-20 from deep to hit 35%. Not bad, but not enough. I think we got a lot of open looks but could not hit them when really needed to. A couple of those threes came when the game was way out of reach.

3)Shut down Nolan Smith
This is where we got burned. Smith was able to do whatever he wanted to all night. Was living in the paint the whole game because no one was able to D him up and keep him in front. He went for 28 points and 8 assists. Where. Is. The. Defense?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rapid Reaction: BC falls at Duke

Pretty mad, but can't say I'm surprised.

-Reggie not starting? Don't know what happened there, and not sure we ever will. He was out of rhythm the whole night and never really seemed into the game.
-Our defense sucked, but no surprise there. Just way too much penetration which led to easy buckets and open threes. We can't beat a lot of ACC teams playing defense like that, nonetheless Duke.
-Not many positives other than Raji's night. Good to see him get the start and be aggressive. He was our best player.
-I know this is brief, but there really is not a whole lot to say. Duke was just better than BC on both ends of the floor. I'll probably have another post up tomorrow on the game.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BC Sports Blog on Twitter

Just checked out my Twitter page, and I only have 3 followers. THREE FOLLOWERS?? I'm embarrassed. Please follow me on twitter @bceaglesblog. I'll tweet new posts and my random thoughts throughout the day and during BC games. But 3 followers....REALLY??

Can BC upset Duke?

As you know, there is a pretty big game tomorrow night. The Eagles travel to Cameron Indoor to take on the number 3 team in the nation, the Duke Blue Devils. Duke currently holds the nation's longest home winning streak. BC will have their hands full in Durham. However, there is a reason why they play the games, and I came up with a list with the keys to knocking off Duke:

1) Big game from Reggie
Reggie is undoubtedly our best player. It is no coincidence that when he struggles, the team loses. We will need a big, possibly huge game from Action Jackson. Maybe a Tyrese Rice 46 point game? Maybe?

2) Knock down the 3 ball
This could probably be a key for every BC game, just because it is where we look to get most of our offense. We must shoot it well, because we will need to score to keep up with Duke. I am looking for Rubin to start taking and making more threes.

3) Shut down Nolan Smith
With Kyrie Irving down, Smith is doing most of the ballhandling for Duke. He is also taking a lot of shots and scoring 20.1 PPG. Singler has played well, but I don't think he has been what he was last year. If I am BC, I try to make someone other than Smith beat us.

I'll say it right now, I do not think BC will win tomorrow night, but am not saying that they can't. Hopefully BC puts together a solid 40 minutes and sneaks out with a W, but don't count on it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Eagles flop in Tallahassee

As I tweeted, there is not much good we can take away from this one.

-The Seminole defense was ridiculously good, I was impressed. That being said, we had our chances on offense. We did not shoot well and some guys would pass up some open looks.
-Again, our defense wasn't good enough. FSU shot like 66 percent in the second half. We went to a zone but even that couldn't stop an offensively challenged team.
-Rubin: shoot the ball.
-Tough break with Biko not being able to go. He could have helped our shooting.
-Taking a look at the schedule after the NC State game, I figured BC should at least be able to go 2-2 in the next four. Well now after losing to Miami and FSU, this Duke game is pretty important.

Friday, January 21, 2011

2010-2011 Season in Review: Worst Moments of the Year

I could probably write a novel explaining the worst moments of the season, but here are a few things I still can't get out of my head.


What a joke this was. With some hope surrounding Uncle Dave heading into the season, he all but pissed it away with this play. After breaking the huddle, Shinskie lines up over the guard to receive the snap, then finally corrects himself only to drop back and throw a horrible interception. This was when I knew that it was not going to work with him under center considering he can't even line up under center.


This loss still pisses me off. The coaching was horrid. The late game strategy couldn't have been worse. And then we can't get one yard on fourth down to give us a chance. Terrible.


Down 21-0 early, Rettig, in his first start, was leading BC back. After a 58 yard touchdown pass and two field goals, we were by 8 in the second quarter. But then his ankle got caught underneath him and forced him to leave the game. He did not return and Marscovetra finished out the game. After struggling early, Chase seemed to settle into the game. I always wonder what he would have done against that sub-par ND defense if he didn't get hurt. I am not saying we would have won, but who knows?


Much like the Maryland loss, the coaching really screwed us. The defense played a terrific game and the offense wasted it. The offensive play calling was way too predictable, and Tranq would just do nothing to help out Rettig. I think this game hurts a lot because I know we could have and probably should have won, and if we did it would be a nice W against a highly ranked team that would get everyone excited for next year.

Highlights from the Virginia win

via EagleMarketing

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010-2011 Season in Review: Biggest Disappointments

In a down year, there are a lot of things you can point to that went wrong. I thought of three things that stuck in my head.


Shinskie by no means had an outstanding 2009 season, but gave fans reason for optimism. Fans saw some flashes that told us he could be pretty good if he developed and improved over the offseason. But no, if anything, Uncle Dave got worse. His season started terribly after he threw an INT on his first pass against Weber State and it just went downhill from there. After another non-spectacular showing against Kent State, Shinskie laid an egg against Virginia Tech, leading BC to their first shutout since 2006. Finally, Spaz pulled the plug on Dave and handed the starting job over to freshman Chase Rettig.


Returning 4 of 5 starters, the O-line was supposed to be the strength of this team on offense. However, the group struggled throughout the start of the season. Although it was not all their fault (defenses did not play the pass), but Montel could not find any holes. There were a few injuries and Claiborne and Spaz had their troubles, but they should have performed better. They did not live up to expectations. Castonzo, who was a projected top 10 pick going into the season, performed well but even his draft stock dropped a bit.


This was probably the worst part of the season. I did not completely hate the Spaz hiring, but I was never a fan of Tranquill. Both of them had horrible seasons. Spaz had terrible clock management and let Tranquill carry on his boneheaded playcalling. Both of them are responsible for the disaster that was BC's offense. Both of them are responsible for wasting a great defense. Thankfully, Tranq retired after the game and reportedly Ryan Day will take over as OC. But, we're still stuck with Spaz.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Eagles slip past Virginia

A win is a win.

-This wasn't the prettiest game for BC. The Eagles offense was lousy at times and their defense gave up open shots to keep UVA in the game.
-Trap finally had a good game. He didn't force things and let the game come to him. I liked how he attacked the basket and didn't settle for perimeter jumpers.
-The defense was better, but not by much. This Virginia team does not have a whole lot of offensive talent, yet BC gave them a lot of open looks.
-Clutch free throws by Raji and Jackson at the end.
-As you can tell, I am not impressed by this win, but it is a win. If we play like we did tonight, we will get waxed by Duke and FSU.
-The Eagles, now 4-1 in the ACC, take on those Seminoles next on Saturday.

2010-2011 Season in Review: Top 10 Plays of the Year

Some of you may agree with me, but most of you will not. Be sure to leave your thoughts by posting a comment!

10) Donnie Fletcher INT vs Clemson
I think we can thank Kyle Parker for this one.

9) Bobby Swigert 66 yard reception vs Maryland
Yeah, it was a fluke, so? But I still can't believe we didn't win this one (cringe).

8) Kuechly pick vs Clemson
Spectacular play from Boy Wonder, what else would you expect?

7) Amidon TD catch vs Virginia
With two guys draped all over him, somehow Alex comes down with it.

6) Andre Williams long run vs Virginia
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Andre 3000

5) Montel Harris' 72 yard run vs FSU
This one set the tone for the game, just wish he could've scored.

4) Rettig to Swigert for 58 yard TD vs Notre Dame
I think this one got Superfans excited about Rettig and the future.

3) Montel TD reception vs Clemson
I think this was one of the plays that turned our season around.

2) Herzlich pick vs Virginia
I still get goosebumps watching this.

1) Jim Noel pick 6 vs FSU
Terrific play set up by Herzlich and finised by Noel with a great catch and runback. This was a huge play in the game.

As I said, most of you won't agree, so leave a comment.

Monday, January 17, 2011

2010-2011 Season in Review: Postseason Awards

Over the next week, I will be taking a look back at the disappointing '10-11 football season. We start with the postseason awards.


I sort of struggled with this one. I debated between Luke and Montel. However, I realized that Boy Wonder had a historic season. He led the nation in tackles with 171, 12 shy of an NCAA record. He reached double-digits in tackles every game and also had 4 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles. Harris had a great season, but Kuechly was the anchor of one of the best rush defenses in the country.


After BC's loss to Virginia Tech, it was pretty clear that this team would not be going anywhere with Shinskie or Marscovetra starting at QB, so Spaz finally turned to Rettig for the Notre Dame game. Since, Rettig has distinguished himself as the guy and excited fans for the future. Although his numbers were not flashy, he did more than Shinskie and Marscovetra could ever do and got this team to a bowl game.


C'mon is this even a question? Everyone knows Mark's story. This season, coming back from Ewing's Sarcoma, Mark was not his 2008 ACC Defensive POY form, but was pretty damn good. He kept getting better and better every week. I thought he had great games to finish the season out against Virginia, Syracuse and Nevada. Hopefully he can have a successful career in the NFL.


Some may disagree, but I believe Noel was one of our best defensive players by the end of the year. Noel, a sophomore, did not receive much playing time last year and at the start of this season. However, after starting safety Dominick LeGrande was suspended for the FSU game, Noel got the start and never looked back. He had two picks and returned one for a touchdown in that game. He finished the year 4 INTs. I am excited to see what he'll be able to do next year.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Turnovers, defense doom BC in loss at Miami

In another frustrating game, BC had oppurtunities to put the 'Canes away, but no.

-I've avoided talking about the defense for a while because we have been winning. But to be frank, our defense sucks. Too many straight drives to the hoop and wide open threes. Then, in the second half, we inexplicably switched every single screen. This resulted in Southern guarding Durand Scott at the top and various other mis-matches.
-Way too many turnovers today. A lot of them were silly and sloppy. Some of it was Miami changing defenses, but most of it was on us.
-We were cold from three for most of the game, going just 8-25. If you are going to take 25 from deep, we must shoot better. It will be tough to win if we don't.
-Reggie was great in the first half, but quiet for most of the second. To me, it looked like Gamble got a lot of arm there at the end, but the game was not lost on just that play. Biko was non-existent, Rubin didn't give us much, Southern and Trapani played well.
-Big ups to Corey Raji. He had some big offensive rebounds, clutch threes, and brought energy to the floor.
-If you are looking for a silver lining, when you look at how bad BC played with all the turnovers, bad defense, and missed threes, to only lose by one may not look so bad. However, this is Miami and this is conference play and we are not looking for silver lining, we are looking for wins.
-BC looks to get back on track at home against Virginia on Wednesday night.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Jackson helps BC down NC State

All I gotta say is 3 and 0.

-You have to start with Reggie Jackson. The kid was ballin. He killed the Pack from inside and outside. He wanted the ball late and he delivered.
-A couple of big threes from Raji and Paris. Although we struggled from deep for most of the night, it was good to see us make them in the clutch.
-BC could have been up by much more going into halftime. State was struggling from the field and gave the Eagles chances to extend the lead. However, BC's offense went into the tank and kept the Pack in the game.
-I know we haven't had the toughest ACC schedule so far, but 3-0 feels pretty damn good. The Eagles travel to Coral Gables next to take on Miami on Saturday.

Recap: Nevada 20, BC 13

A rollercoaster season of ups and downs for BC fans ended on a bad note on Sunday night.

Taking on Nevada's high powered pistol offense, the BC defense stood its ground, giving up just 13 points to a team that averages just over 38 a game, but go no help from Chase Rettig and the Eagles offense.

However, BC fans saw a glimmer of hope with 8 and a half minutes left in the first quarter. After Mark Herzlich forced a fumble and BC recovered, freshman tailback Andre Williams scampered for a 30 yard touchdown run on the very next play. Montel Harris was scheduled to get the start in the backfield, but could not go. However, Williams had difficulty finding running room for the rest of the game, finishing with just 70 yards on 19 carries.

Nevada's pistol attack answered right back. The Wolf Pack drove 77 yards in 10 plays. The drive ended in a 27-yard touchdown pass from Colin Kaepernick to a wide open Rishard Matthews. Matthews struck again after a BC three and out on the next possesion. Lined up as a punt returner, Matthews fielded the punt and went around the right edge and outran everyone to put Nevada up 14-7. The Pack added a field goal to go into the locker at half up by 10.

Chase Rettig and the BC offense really struggled after Williams' run, only gaining 155 total yards. But the Eagles were kept in the game by their defense. A Luke Kuechly interception set up a field goal by Nate Freese. After another field goal, the BC offense found themselves with a chance to tie the game, with 3 minutes on the clock at their own ten yard line. However, after a 32-yard completion to Chris Pantale, Rettig threw his second pick of the night which sealed the game for the Pack.

Rettig finished the game 14/34 for 121 yards and two interceptions. On the other side, Nevada's Colin Kaepernick was 20/32 for 192 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

The loss ends BC's season with a record of 7-6. The Eagles now head into the offseason with lots of question marks on the offensive side of the ball.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Probably the most exciting part of the game last night

Rapid Reaction: Disappointing season ends in bad loss to Nevada

I guess this game was just a microcosm of the season. A great defensive effort wasted by the offense.

-I hate to put all the blame on one person, but I think most of it falls on Tranquill. The play calling was way too predictable. Run on first down, run on second down, pass on third down.
-I feel for Rettig. He did not have hist best game, but most of it was not his fault. There was absolutely no run game, no help from his receivers, and was pressured most of the night. You can't expect a freshman to overcome all that.
-The lack of explosiveness really hurt us. Swigert and Amidon are good little receivers, but they just could not make plays against the athletic secondary at Nevada. The absence of Coleman and Momah hurt us a bit (anyway, what happened to Momah??). But hey, Colin Larmond will be back next year.
-I was watching to see how Herzlich was, and along with the rest of the D, he played great. He showed signs of his 2008 form. He had some big hits, a forced fumble, and was solid in pass coverage.
-As for the rest of the defense, Kuechly was a monster and it was good that some people got to see him for the first time. BC slowed down Nevada's pistol and Kaepernick, but just got no help from the offense.
-Obviously, this will put a bad taste in our mouth's going into the offseason. I'll have the recap up tomorrow and review the season throughout the week.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good Morning! It's Gameday!!

The day we've finally been waiting for is here. Unfortunately, most of us have to wait until 9 PM. Oh well, I guess I'll just watch some NFL playoff action as an appetizer. Finally, I just want to tell you all to enjoy tonight's game. Obviously, this will be the last football game for awhile, but this is also the last time we will see Mark Herzlich in maroon and gold. He has meant so much for this program and I think all BC fans appreciate what he has done during his time at Chestnut Hill, both on and off the field. So have fun and go EAGLES!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pre-game Press Pass: Nevada vs. Boston College

The 44 day wait is over. For the second year in a row, BC is in San Fransisco. Last year, the Eagles lost to USC in the Emerald Bowl. Now, a year later, in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, BC, led by their number 1 ranked rush defense, take on Colin Kaepernick's Nevada Wolfpack, who come in with their 3rd ranked rushing offense. It should be an interesting matchup.

WHAT TO WATCH FOR: Mark Herzlich in his last game as an Eagle

Herzlich hasn't returned back to his 2008 form, but how could you expect him to? He has, however, gotten better each and every week. The last two games have been especially good for Mark. This will be a good test to see where he is at as he goes up against Kaepernick and this high-powered Nevada offense. He, as will the other linebackers, needs to have good game for BC to have a chance and to impress the NFL scouts.

DIFFERENCE MAKER: Luke Kuechly & Colin Kaeperncik

Alright, I know it says difference maker, but both of thse guys are so important to their teams. Kaepernick is a dual-threat QB who is the focus of their third ranked rushing attack, while Kuechly is the leading tackler of the first ranked rush defense. I think whoever wins this matchup has a good chance of winning the game.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Broken records?

There are two records BC fans will be tracking during the game. Kuechly needs 23 tackles to break the NCAA single-season record set by Texas Tech's Lawrence Flugence in '02. Montel Harris needs 126 rushing yards to pass Derrick Knight and become BC's all time leading rusher. I predict that Montel will get his, not so sure about Luke.

PREDICTION: BC-24 Nevada-21

Call me a homer, but I think BC can pull of the upset. It's Mark's final game, and the team will be motivated to finish the season off with their 6th straight win. I think BC will be able to run the ball and eat up clock to keep the Pack's offense on the sideline. The D will give up some yards, but will make some big plays.

Rapid Reaction: BC gets back on track

Well this one takes some of the sting from Wednesday's loss.

-Total team effort today. Multiple guys stepped up on a day where Biko and Trap did not score much. Bench played great.
-I was really impressed with Moton. He played great defense and had a solid day offensively with a three and a nice drive to the hoop.
-Reggie was the MVP today (no surprise there.) He was extremely efficient and made some spectacular plays.
-Raji also had himself a day with 22 points. I love his rebounding and his versatile game on offense. He can O-rebound, step out and shoot threes, hit the mid-range jumper and can play down low. If he can put that all together like he did today, he'll help us win a lot of games.
-This game was not perfect. Our defense struggled through some stretches and our offense also sputtered at times.
-With Biko and Trap struggling, we had a hard time scoring when Reggie went on the bench with his fourth foul. He's got to know he needs to stay in the game and someone has to step up when he's not.
-I know Tech is not one of the better teams in the conference, but it sure feels good to start ACC play 2-0. Next game is Tuesday against NC State.

Countdown to Kraft Bowl: 1 day

It's Kraft Bowl-eve today. Here's the buzz:

Montel will play and will be looking to break Derrick Knight's record.

BC's top priority will be stopping dual-threat QB Colin Kaepernick.

One of the big matchups in the game will be Castonzo vs. Moch

Here are some previews for the game:

Heather Dinich likes Nevada

A lengthy preview from the Kansas City Star

Reno-Gazette Journal thinks the passing game is the key

WEEI says this will be the hardest test for the BC defense

I'll have my Pre-game press pass up later today after the BC-GT game.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Countdown to Kraft Bowl: 2 days

It's almost here. Here are some news and notes floating around the game.

Instead of a boring old quarter, Kraft is going outside the box and using an Oreo cookie for the coin toss. Fine with me, I just wander what they're gonna call when it's flipped.."Chocolate!"

The homeless guy with the golden voice will make his commercial debut during the game.

It looks like Nevada will be packing the house on Sunday night. This is a big deal for their fans and I guess it's better than playing in a half empty stadium (see Meineke Car Care Bowl.)

Here are some betting tips for the game.

This is going to be a unique bowl game due to many factors. First of all, the unique timing. A Sunday night game on an NFL playoff weekend the day before the National Championship game is not typical, but it will give BC a nice spotlight. Secondly, this is the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, the only bowl game focused on fighting hunger. I'm sure there will be a lot of festivities before, during, and after the game, and it begins with the coin toss. Finally, this long layoff is fascinating. It feels like we're starting a whole new season. I'll be interested to see how Herzy and the guys respond to this massive break. More to come tommorow and Sunday including the Pre-game Press Pass. GO EAGLES!! BEATING CANCER AND FIGHTING HUNGER!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Bruce Boudreau Speech to the BC Basketball Team

After last night's debacle against Harvard, I think everyone is pretty pissed off today. I don't know if anyone has been watching that 24/7 Pens-Caps show on HBO, but I have. It's actually pretty good for those who have not seen it. Anyway, Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau likes to use the f-bomb...a lot. During their recent losing streak, Boudreau unloaded an epic speech (see above video), using the f-bomb more than an R rated movie. So, I decided to give a Boudreau speech of my own to the BC backetball team:

"3 years in a row. 3 F**king years in a row. It's Harvard. F**king HARVARD! I don't care if we play with a damn blind fold over our damn eyes, we should f**king beat these little nerds. You stand there playing no f**king defense, and make Laurent Rivard look like Michael F**king Jordan! Then you get down on offense with your damn head down and force some stupid a** shot and when you do make a shot, you come back down and give a f**king wide open three on the other end. Are you f**king serious?? You go out and look like the number 1 team in the nation at South Carolina and then come back and play like this. And you wonder why these f**king students don't come to the damn games. You've lost to two Ivy League teams at Conte. You are an Atlantic Coast Conference f**king basketball team for god's sake! Now, you can't win a tourney spot in non-conference play, but you sure can piss away one, and it looks like that's what you guys just tried to do. Now get your f**king act together and you better be ready to play Saturday! Surely the f**k we can deal with this!"

So, there it is. I won't swear on this blog, but I just thought given the circumstances, and Bruce Boudreau in my mind, I had to.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rapid Reaction: Alright, I'm back (and apparently so is BC Basketball)

First of all, I apologize. I don't know what happened but I took a little layoff. But now I'm back and hopefully there are still some readers out there.

-Harvard??? Again??? I thought it would be different considering we've had a great year so far and we have an EX-IVY LEAGUE COACH!! But no, we lose for the third straight year at Conte. I don't know what to say other than they are in our heads.
-I'm about tired of Joe Trapani. I know he had 21 points, but he forced too many shots and almost missed everything on a three pointer late in the game that could have been huge. Oh yeah, and his defense is not that great.
-Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming this loss all on Joe. Nobody could play D. Harvard made countless straight line drives to the hoop which resulted and wide open shots.
-This team needs a closer. Someone who can take over down the stretch and put the team on his back. It's clearly not Joe (although I give him credit for trying) and it should be Reggie, but he has yet to show me he can consistently do it.
-As you can tell, I am extremely frustrated at this loss. This is the type of loss that can ruin a season. Unless BC is stellar in league play, it's going to be tough to get into the tourney with 2 losses to Ivy League teams. I'll have another post later giving the team a Bruce Boudreu-like speech. Well, believe it or not, the season is not over. BC takes on GT on Saturday.