Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2010-2011 Basketball Season in Review: Postseason Awards

For the second part of the review series, I hand out some awards.

Most Outstanding Player(s)- Reggie Jackson and Joe Trapani
Reggie's success this year has been well documented. He was the best player on this team and was the go-to scorer for BC. At times, Reggie carried this team. I couldn't leave Joe Trapani out of this, though. While Trapani didn't always put up the greatest numbers, Trap came to play every game and busted his ass. If only everyone could have played like Joe. He will be missed.

6th Man of the Year- Corey Raji
I know he ended the year in the starting lineup, but for most of the year Raji was a great contributer of the pine. The senior was second in the team in rebounding and was a nice third scorer to go along with Reggie and Trap. He knocked down clutch shots, including the game-winner against Maryland.

Rookie of the Year- John Cahill
The senior walk-on sensation was a great story. Cahill, who was an intramural star and scout team player for the women's team, actually became a starter for the stretch run of the season. Cahill was a three point machine, hitting over 50%. While he was not the most athletic kid out there, he played hard, battled on defense, and was a great role player.

Most Improved Player Award- Biko Paris
Although inconsistent at times, Biko Paris took a big step forward from his first three years at the Heights. Paris worked on his outside shot and became a great three point shooter. Paris had only reached double figures in 13 games coming into the year, but managed to eclipse that number by four games in his senior year.

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