Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reggie Declares for NBA Draft

Junior guard Reggie Jackson has declared for the NBA draft. Yeah, take a minute to swallow that one. However, Jackson will not hire an agent, which reserves the right for him to come back to BC.

This is not good news, but it may not be as bad as people think. There is a possibility that Reggie is just testing the waters. He could just want to find out where his stock is and where he could potentially be picked. I honestly don't think Reggie's stock is that high. He was an outstanding player this year, but was extremely inconsistent and disappeared at times. Another year in school could make him a lock for the first round and a potential lottery pick.

There is also the issue of the looming NBA CBA expiring. It almost seems certain that there will be a lockout next year, and if Reggie does get drafted, he could be spending next year on his couch. May 8th is the official deadline for players to withdraw their names. I'll have more posts in the coming days about Reggie and what this could mean for BC hoops. C'mon Reggie, one more year!

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