Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010-2011 Season in Review: Top 10 Plays of the Year

Some of you may agree with me, but most of you will not. Be sure to leave your thoughts by posting a comment!

10) Donnie Fletcher INT vs Clemson
I think we can thank Kyle Parker for this one.

9) Bobby Swigert 66 yard reception vs Maryland
Yeah, it was a fluke, so? But I still can't believe we didn't win this one (cringe).

8) Kuechly pick vs Clemson
Spectacular play from Boy Wonder, what else would you expect?

7) Amidon TD catch vs Virginia
With two guys draped all over him, somehow Alex comes down with it.

6) Andre Williams long run vs Virginia
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Andre 3000

5) Montel Harris' 72 yard run vs FSU
This one set the tone for the game, just wish he could've scored.

4) Rettig to Swigert for 58 yard TD vs Notre Dame
I think this one got Superfans excited about Rettig and the future.

3) Montel TD reception vs Clemson
I think this was one of the plays that turned our season around.

2) Herzlich pick vs Virginia
I still get goosebumps watching this.

1) Jim Noel pick 6 vs FSU
Terrific play set up by Herzlich and finised by Noel with a great catch and runback. This was a huge play in the game.

As I said, most of you won't agree, so leave a comment.

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